'Ravens Rule' allows kicks to be reviewed

PALM BEACH, FLA. — PALM BEACH, FLA. -- NFL owners approved the proposal making field goals and extra points subject to replay review, something that brings up bad memories for the Ravens.

In an overtime loss to the Cleveland Browns on Nov. 18, the Ravens were tied in regulation on a controversial field goal by Phil Dawson, whose kick hit the left upright, bounced over the crossbar, struck the support post and bounced back over the crossbar toward the field.


An official below the upright at M&T; Bank Stadium initially signaled that the kick was no good. After all the officials conferred and the referee consulted with the replay official to see if the play was reviewable, they reversed the call, said the kick was good and the game was tied at 30.

Some league officials have come to call it the "Dawson Rule."


"I like to call it 'the 'Ravens Rule,'" Ravens president Dick Cass said.

The Ravens approved the new rule, which allows officials to use replay to determine whether extra points and field goals pass over the crossbar and through the uprights.

"It's a good rule," Cass said. "But we're going to try to forget last season - and that play."

Notes --The Ravens' preseason finale will be at home Aug. 28 against the Atlanta Falcons. The NFL likely will announce the entire preseason schedule this month. ... The proposal for reseeding the playoffs was withdrawn. The Ravens were against the change. ... Resolutions passed by the owners yesterday were: eliminating the forceout on receptions and allowing teams to defer their decision to the second half when winning the opening coin toss. The most significant penalty change was eliminating the 5-yard flag for incidental contact with a facemask. All facemask penalties will be 15 yards.