St. Mary's officially bans 6 players

The Baltimore Sun

St. Mary's High School's administrative board made official the suspension of six baseball players from school for one week and told them they are finished playing the sport this season ass the result of a drinking incident that occurred on a spring break trip to Tampa, Fla., last week, St. Mary's baseball coach and athletic director David Lanham said.

Seniors Austin Poretz, Ben Henry, David Summerall, J.T. Gateau and Mike Tariaian and junior Andrew Bobb were suspended and forced to leave the team for drinking in their hotel room the last day of their trip, said a father of one of the players involved, who wished to remain anonymous.

The penalties were recommended on Monday in accordance with the school's no-tolerance regulations and were finalized by the board and principal Richard A. Bayhan yesterday. Bayhan declined to comment.

"I'm disappointed because they're all good kids and made a mistake violating school and team rules," said Lanham, who has promoted junior varsity players to fill out the roster.

The Saints are the defending Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association B Conference champions. Lanham said before the season he thought this was his "best team" in his six years at the Annapolis school.

The player's father who wished to remain anonymous said he is "disappointed" that school officials will not give the parents involved an immediate meeting to discuss the suspensions. The parents will be heard individually Monday.

"We are not defending the kids for their actions," the father said. "They should be punished, but to make an example of them by going this far is not right."

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