Baltimore police officer acquitted in Harford

The Baltimore Sun

A Baltimore police officer who was a member of the police commissioner's protective detail was acquitted yesterday of two misdemeanor charges in Harford County, according to the state's attorney's office there. Other related charges were dropped.

Officer Robert Snead had been accused in February of pulling a gun on Monty Arrington, a man who is married to Snead's former girlfriend.

Ivan Bates, Snead's defense attorney, said Snead was in the neighborhood to see family members who live there and never pulled a gun on anyone. He noted that the Harford County Sheriff's Office did not take a statement from his client and did not interview witnesses before pressing charges.

"It is so easy to go and trump up charges against anybody," Bates said. "Snead is a great person. It makes me feel good to see that the right thing happened here."

Assistant State's Attorney David Ryden declined to comment on the investigation.

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