O, the passion

The Baltimore Sun

It's one of the most cherished items on my bookshelf, though it might not look it. It is thin and gray with corners rounded by time and a deep crease in the cover. The stray red and green crayon streaks evoke my age when I received it.

"The Magic of the 1983 Orioles," it reads, with a big picture of Rick Dempsey bearhugging Scott McGregor underneath. I look at the picture and back I drift to that day, the final soft liner settling into Cal Ripken Jr.'s glove and the firecrackers popping across my downtown neighborhood seconds later.

Rays@ Orioles Season opener, tomorrow, 3:05 p.m., MASN, Ch. 13, 105.7 FM Starters: James Shields vs. Jeremy Guthrie

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