Kevin's Rant

The Baltimore Sun

This week, the NFL competition committee floated the idea of making it a rule that players no longer be allowed to have shoulder-length hair poking out of the back of their helmets. Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu and Green Bay Packers cornerback Al Harris would either have to visit a barber or tuck their hair into some kind of league-approved hairnet if the rule is passed by a majority of the owners.

Seriously, it's hard to think of a bigger waste of anyone's time in sports than the NFL re-igniting the 1960s culture wars in regard to haircuts. Even George Steinbrenner probably thinks this is absurd. The Kansas City Chiefs are apparently the team behind the proposal, because if there is one thing the Chiefs' laughable franchise should be worrying about, it's the scourge of long-haired hippies about to besmirch the league's clean-cut reputation.

If someone is willing to risk being dragged down by his hair - as Polamalu and Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams have been in recent years - then that's between them and their stylist. The NFL isn't the army. Quit harshing on these players' mellow, man.

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