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CJ7 -- (Sony Pictures Classics) Stephen Chow wrote, directed and stars in this sci-fi tale about a father whose son receives an otherworldly toy. In Cantonese with English subtitles.

THE GRAND -- (Roadside) A handful of actors plays characters competing in a poker tournament. With David Cross, Woody Harrelson and Judy Greer.

LEATHERHEADS -- (Universal Pictures) George Clooney directs and plays a cocky 1920s football star in a fledging professional league who recruits a college golden-boy (John Krasinski) to revive its waning fortunes while hoping to score with a feisty young journalist (Renee Zell- weger).

NIM'S ISLAND -- (Fox Walden) When her scientist father disappears, a young girl teams with the reclusive author of her favorite literary character. With Jodie Foster and Abigail Breslin.

THE RUINS -- (Paramount Pictures) A group of friends whose Mexican holiday takes a turn for the worse when they embark on a remote archaeological dig, where something evil lives among the ruins.

SHINE A LIGHT -- (Paramount) Director Martin Scorsese collected an all-star team of cinematographers headed by Robert Richardson to capture the Rolling Stones in concert at New York's Beacon Theatre. With guests Christina Aguilera, Buddy Guy and Jack White III.

SNOW ANGELS -- (Warner Independent) Tragedy shapes two dovetailing stories: In one, an adolescent boy feels the pain of his parents' separation, while in the other, a single mom fends off her born-again ex-husband. With Sam Rockwell and Kate Beckinsale.

UNDER THE SAME MOON -- (Fox Searchlight) The parallel stories and enduring bond between a mother and son living on opposite sides of the U.S.-Mexico border offer a humanistic perspective on immigration. With Adrian Alonso and America Ferrera.

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