A brief stay at short

The Baltimore Sun

Manager Dave Trembley interrupted yesterday's pre-game session with the media in the visiting dugout at Roger Dean Stadium after he noticed that Nick Markakis was trying to take grounders at shortstop.

"Nick, get off the infield before I get out there and put a size 11 1/2 where it don't shine. I talked to you about that yesterday, you knucklehead," Trembley yelled, a huge smile on his face. Markakis broke into a jog and took his place in the outfield.

"He thinks he's off the hook for giving me a 12-pack of diet [soda]," Trembley said, referring to his personalized fine system. "He knows what for, too."

Markakis apparently got caught trying to take grounders at second base during an earlier game.

"He wants to see if I'm watching," Trembley said, the smile not disappearing from his face. "It's an attention-getting thing. He wants to see if I care about him. ... He's a kid. He's a beauty. I love him."

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