Getting annoyed? Me, too

The Baltimore Sun

In the tradition of Seinfeld's "Festivus" episode, it's time for a quick airing of grievances. Got a sports grievance that's not long, but still annoying? Send me an e-mail and we'll try to run it in a column this week.

1. I would appreciate it if the SportsCenter videos wouldn't automatically start playing the second I visit Seriously, guys, if I wanted to hear your standup comedy routine read over highlights, I would just watch the show.

2. Here is a sobering thought: Jay Gibbons will earn $5.8 million this year, regardless of whether he starts the year in the minors or gets a single major league at-bat. The most Cal Ripken Jr. earned in a single season was $6.85 million.

3. If Duke and Clemson were so easily ousted from the men's NCAA tournament, what does that say about the state of Maryland's program?

4. Here's a thought: How about the Orioles just keeping Brian Roberts? Watching him play for the next two years will be a lot more fun than getting a bunch of stiffs, spare parts, broken bats and billy goat hides from the Chicago Cubs.

5. Ohio State football recruit Terrelle Pryor had every right to delay his college decision until he was ready. But he isn't as good as you, or he, thinks he is.

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