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Markakis contract situation handled correctly by Angelos, O's

All those people up in arms about the Nick Markakis contract non-negotiation, fans and media alike, need to chill out and relax. This is not another example of Orioles mismanagement; this is simply Angelos and company playing the system the way it is designed to be.

The owners have all the leverage early, arbitration quickly kicks in and the guys who perform get paid, then free agency follows, where anyone still standing gets overpaid.

While this is one of the many reasons Major League Baseball is dysfunctional, it is what it is. Management only has the upper hand for a small window of time, why not take it?

Bob Wunder

Cub Hill

Williams to blame for poor results after Terps' national championship

When anyone dares to criticize Coach Gary Williams and his University of Maryland basketball program that has careened downhill since the euphoria of a national championship in 2002, Williams quickly assumes his testy and belligerent self.

In a demeaning and challenging tone, Williams will refer the accuser to a huge upset win or the fact that his program went to so many consecutive NCAA tournaments.

What Williams will not tolerate is any suggestion that he lacks the will or the charisma to attract the top high school players in the country to play for him.

And why should the blue chippers come here? To be screamed and cursed at for an entire game while their coach roams the sidelines? Unfortunately, Williams does not have a warm and cuddly personality - it's hard to visualize Williams sitting in a living room and sipping coffee while schmoozing with a player and his family.

A national championship normally provides a natural setting for the best players to run, not walk, to your program. However, that's not the case at College Park.

After 2002, the Terps seemed locked in for many years of success and great play. In reality, all we have are three NIT appearances in the last four years.

Morton D. Marcus


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