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The Band's Visit -- A rapturously low-key comedy about an Egyptian ceremonial police band that flies to Israel to help open an Arab cultural center but arrives at the wrong town. (M.S.) PG-13 89 minutes A+

The Bank Job -- In swinging England 1971, a slick British secret agent coerces a Cockney beauty in a jam to get a crew of her old friends and local "villains" to rob a Lloyd's Bank. Because the bank has been the repository of dirty secrets held by crooked cops, gangsters and whore-mongering ministers and aristocrats, the story is a gift that keeps giving. (M.S.) R 110 minutes A-


Definitely, Maybe -- imagines a world where happy endings are de rigueur, but getting there is no picnic. Abigail Breslin is the young girl transfixed by her father's tale and anxious to find out which of based-on-fact girlfriends he's telling her about is her mother. (C.K.) PG-13 111 minutes B

Horton Hears A Who! -- Blue Sky Studios' ebullient full-length feature from Dr. Seuss' slender comic verse narrative is about an elephant whose big ears detect a whole world on a dust-speck. The movie brings you the rare feeling of reconnecting with a childhood friend who in some essential way has stayed the same. (M.S.) G 88 minutes A-


Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day -- In 1939 London, Miss Pettigrew (Frances McDormand), a failed governess, winds up as the social secretary to would-be West End headliner Delysia (Amy Adams). The way Adams and McDormand play these two women (that is, superbly), Lafosse and Pettigrew are emotionally alive in different but illuminating ways. (M.S.) PG-13 92 minutes B+

Never Back Down -- Sean Faris stars as a brainy, fight-prone high school football star who becomes involved with a crowd devoted to practicing mixed-martial arts in their clubs, schools and McMansions. (M.S.) PG-13 106 minutes D

The Other Boleyn Girl -- Anne Boleyn (Natalie Portman) takes the place of her sister Mary (Scarlett Johansson) as the lover of King Henry VIII (Eric Bana) - and learns that power and position are no substitutes for true devotion and affection. Too bad this movie stumbles while attempting the old movie two-step of setting up a morality tale, then exploiting it for heat and titillation. (M.S.) PG-13 114 minutes C-

10,000 B.C. -- The rise of a prehistoric hero, named D'Leh, who grows up in a tribe of woolly mammoth hunters and matures as a leader under the mentorship of amaster hunter named Tic'Tic. Unless you're enthralled by the sight of mammoth herds and fearsome prehistoric emus and a spear-toothed tiger that responds to human kindness, you'll pray for a conclusion without delay (or D'Leh). (M.S.) PG-13 109 minutes D+