Bonds unwanted, unloved

The Baltimore Sun

Earlier this week, the Major League Baseball Players Association said it would look into whether there is collusion involved in Barry Bonds not being signed by a big league team so far this year. He has been in search of a new team since being released by San Francisco.

Understand that union head Don Fehr isn't exactly breathing fire on this one. In fact, he's speaking kind of gingerly, saying that he's not making any accusations. It's really a matter of the union just doing what it's probably obligated to do on behalf of any player.

But looking at the sum total of the evidence -- an aging slugger turning 44 this season with balky knees who faces federal charges of perjury and obstruction of justice and is certain to be a major clubhouse distraction wherever he goes -- I would have to agree that there's more than a hint of collusion going on here.

And I'd call it a conspiracy of common sense.

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