Guthrie makes pitch as Markakis' caddie

The Baltimore Sun

Tired of looking at it collect dust in front of Nick Markakis' locker, Jeremy Guthrie decided to put Markakis' golf bag to good use.

Before yesterday's game, Guthrie packed the bag with Markakis' bats, gloves and even a towel.

Guthrie then walked out to the outfield with the bag on his shoulder to greet Markakis, who was warming up.

As Guthrie tended to the bag like he was serving as Markakis' caddie, Markakis grabbed a bat out of the bag and started swinging and then leaned down and grabbed a towel from the bag to wipe the sweat off his brow.

Guthrie took his caddie role seriously, wearing one of Markakis' spare jerseys as he performed his duties.

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