Gossip mags claim Britney and Lindsay have money problems

The Baltimore Sun

Money Makes the World Go 'Round," "Money Changes Everything," "Money, That's What I Want!"

Those are just three famous song titles extolling the power of the filthy lucre. And believe it or not, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan might be singing the cash-poor blues, if you believe the weekly glossies.

Both Lindsay and Britney are said to be struggling a bit. Britney -- who hasn't really worked since she French-kissed Madonna on the MTV Awards a few years back -- is reported to have been almost evicted from her Malibu home last month when she failed to fork up the $35,000-a-month rent. And there are all those lawyer bills.

Britney might not care much -- she doesn't seem grounded in the real world. But her family? That's another story. Now that the big breadwinner is out to lunch, Mama Lynne flies coach and has been seen at an L.A. pawnshop. Pregnant 16-year-old sister Jamie Lynne was recently spotted visiting a free pregnancy center. Britney has snared a guest shot on How I Met Your Mother, but I assume that's less about the salary and more about showing herself as fit to perform.

As for Lindsay, gossip insists she is selling off designer clothes and accessories to upscale vintage pawnshops. And she's looking for a roommate, to share expenses. Rumor has it that she has recently spent a million on hotel hopping, $315,000 on rehab, another million for beauty upkeep and yet another mil on handlers. Her reps insist Lohan is just fine financially. Well, what can they say -- the poor girl is so down and out she only had a see-through scarf to wear in those controversial New York magazine photos?

Actually, I'm not too worried about Lindsay. I think she'll get herself some good films and restore her reputation and bank account -- if indeed the latter is at all compromised. It's the least she can do for Mama Rose ... er, Mama Dina.

Britney? Well ... I hope Lynne Spears is comfortable in coach.

Marital bliss?

Rumors continue to swirl about the marital harmony of Madonna and her director hubby, Guy Ritchie. Guy was conspicuously absent from his wife's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recently.

But Madonna is never one to let a rumor swirl unless it benefits her. So Liz Rosenberg, Madonna's press rep for the past quarter-century, issued this statement: "I am delighted to confirm that Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ritchie remain happily married. They were in different countries recently -- Madonna in the U.S. promoting her upcoming album, Hard Candy, and Guy is finishing up post-production on his movie, RocknRolla, and also shooting a new commercial for Nike. Now the family is back together at home in London. All is well and wonderful."

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