Missing bus schedule leaves riders in dark

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THE PROBLEM -- A notice at a Hampden bus stop promises an updated schedule will be posted - in June 2007.

THE BACKSTORY -- Alma Homrighausen first noticed the sign in the fall while walking on 40th Street in Baltimore to the supermarket.

A woman waiting for the No. 22 bus near the intersection of Roland Avenue stopped her and asked if she had any idea when it might arrive.

Homrighausen consulted the information box on the signpost for the bus stop but didn't see the traditional timetable she expected.

Instead, a brief note said the schedule would be updated by June 2007. "I couldn't help her," Homrighausen said.

Since then, the Hampden resident has called the Maryland Transit Administration twice to report the problem, and the operator thanked her for letting them know.

But Homrighausen noted last week that the sign still hadn't been updated.

MTA spokeswoman Cheron Wicker confirmed last week that agency personnel "must have missed that one."

They will be sending a crew out this week to post the new schedule, she said.

"That'll be helpful then," Homrighausen said.

WHO CAN FIX THIS -- Cynthia Lucas, MTA customer information representative, 410-767-3999.


Department of Transportation crews have replaced three missing light poles at Belair Road and Erdman Avenue, said Patrick Glenn. The poles had been knocked out in separate traffic accidents last year, and city officials were awaiting parts.

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