Name game

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Before you turn in your NCAA pool, Mr. Flip is here to offer sage advice on which teams to pick for runs through the tournament. Just call him Bracket Obama.

Cornell: The Big Red name reminds Mr. Flip of the Big Redhead. Any team that evokes Bill Walton deserves your support. Throw it down!

North Carolina: The Tar Heels apparently have this player that everyone says is crazy. Mr. Flip is concerned about whether the young man will go off his meds during the tournament.

Brigham Young: Mitt Romney's failed presidential campaign does not bode well for BYU.

Xavier: So not only does the school's name remind Mr. Flip of the leader of the X-Men, but the nickname is also Musketeers. Guys with swords and claws growing out of the tops of their hands. OK, there could be an issue with foul trouble.

Butler: With a ranking and high seed, this team might have to make it to the Elite Eight before America's newspapers drag out the "Butler did it" headlines.

Southern California: Speaking of headlines, fingers are twitching on keyboards just waiting for the Trojans and their star guard to be foiled so someone can be said to "hold Mayo."

Siena: If not for the problem of the missing "n," Siena could ride a wave of karma from being linked to the gorgeous Sienna Miller.

Belmont: Brad Paisley is an alum. This is the man who had a big hit with "I'm Gonna Miss Her," about choosing fishing over his wife. Mrs. Flip would not allow Mr. Flip to pick Belmont in his bracket.

On the prowl?

The last thing Mr. Flip figured Derek Jeter ever needed was help in finding women. But check out this exchange during a conference call leading up to the New York Yankees' visit to Virginia Tech this week (as reported by The LoHud Yankees Blog):

Female reporter: "Derek, you're going to be arguably the most famous person ever to be on Virginia Tech's campus. Do you think you'll finally be able to find a girlfriend here?"

Jeter: "Uh, unfortunately, we don't get a chance to stay for a couple of days; we're only there a few hours. If you have anyone in mind, though, let me know."

Male reporter: "Well, I don't know if I can top that one ... "

Jeter: "Hey, if you have anyone in mind, too, buddy, let me know."

Compiled from wire and Web reports by Mr. Flip, who figures Jeter is running out of women named Jessica.

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