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This is far too serious a topic for someone as frivolous as Mr. Flip, so let him borrow some lines from a recent column by Linda Robertson of The Miami Herald:

"With less than five months to count down to the start of the Beijing Games, any hope that the Olympic rings would serve as wheels of progress for the repressive Chinese government is dying. Instead, the devalued rings will make a handy symbol for caricaturists, who can draw them to look like handcuffs. ...

"The closer the Games get, the more the Chinese government cracks down on dissent. ...

"The Olympics were supposed to be a catalyst for change. In 2001, the deal was clear. China pledged to make progress on human rights and in return, the International Olympic Committee gave China the Games. ... China has not fulfilled that pledge and the IOC has not held China accountable. ...

"Sponsors such as Visa and Coca-Cola aren't going to do anything, either; they have too much money to make."

Mr. Flip likely will be sitting on the couch watching the Olympics like everyone else. But the more he reads, the guiltier he's going to feel.

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