Fashion should be fun, according to Alfred Wainwright. This North Baltimore resident buys clothes that don't just make him smile. He especially enjoys it when his outfit brings a smile to the faces of others.

Age: 49


Residence: North Baltimore

Job: Baltimore City Public Schools, Instructions Team Associate


Self-described style: "Fun. It's positive."

The look: Kuhlma Co. white button-down shirt. Brown-striped Pierre Cardin tie. Black, burgundy and beige Giorgio Armani houndstooth sports jacket. Beige wool double-pleated slacks. Black crocodile pattern belt with silver accents. Brown, beige and light gold crocodile pattern Stacy Adams shoes with gold tone-tipped laces. Brown and black zebra pattern suede overcoat with gold-embroidered giraffe embellishments. Black felt fedora with brown leather band.

Where it came from: He bought the shirt at a store in Las Vegas. The tie was a gift. He found the sports jacket in Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. The slacks came from Saks Fifth Avenue there. The belt and overcoat were flea market finds. Wainwright found the shoes in an outlet store, and the hat is an old friend.

Shopping is fun somewhere else: "I like to shop in Vegas, New York and Fort Lauderdale. I don't really shop around here much. It's all the same. There's nothing exciting, nothing fun. ... I look for things that look exciting and fun, and something that will catch my eye. ... Like this coat. I loved the [zebra] pattern and the African [theme]. What I also like about it is that it's light, but it's warm."

Accessorize, accessorize: "A belt is a must-have. ... I have other hats that are nicer, but I grab this the most. ... If my house was on fire, I'd probably grab my shoes. I love the gold-tipped laces."

Colors that speak volumes: "My favorite colors are beige, light brown, white, earth colors. This may sound funny, but I don't like what I think is loud; bright colors, like orange."

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