Sherrill: Name that tune

The Baltimore Sun

If George Sherrill is going to be the Orioles' closer this season, as expected, he will need to do more than keep the bases clean in the ninth inning. He will also need a good entrance song.

Closers are known almost as much for their choice of music as for their save totals. Chris Ray chose Marilyn Manson's "Sweet Dreams" at Camden Yards. In Seattle, J.J. Putz always wanted to hear AC/DC's "Thunderstruck."

As a setup man with the Mariners, Sherrill didn't always get to play DJ.

"I had a White Zombie song in Seattle, and sometimes they'd use it. And sometimes they'd just go with some fan-friendly song," he said. "It was hit or miss."

That's life as a pitcher.

Sherrill said he hasn't given much thought to his song selection. He will wait until he's officially named the closer.

"I'll probably come up with something," he said.

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