When U.S. was at war with itself

The Baltimore Sun

"Chicago 10 - 10; History - 7," you may think to yourself as you leave Brett Morgen's skillful documentary depiction of what became known in 1969 as the Chicago Conspiracy Trial.

That's not just because most people refer to the group on trial as the Chicago 7. (Morgen's number includes Bobby Seale, the Black Panther co-founder who was separated from the rest of the defendants, and their two lawyers, William Kunstler and Leonard Weinglass.) The movie conveys the drama of the moment but eschews context. The result is an arresting yet frustrating experience.

Chicago 10 (Roadside Attractions) With the voices of Hank Azaria, Dylan Baker, Nick Nolte, Mark Ruffalo, Roy Scheider, Liev Schreiber, Jeffrey Wright. Directed by Brett Morgen. Rated R for language and brief sexual images. Time 110 minutes.

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