Tragedy, 'terrorists' at home

The Baltimore Sun

It seemed impossible that the circumstances in the killing of high school football player Jamiel Shaw Jr. could get any sadder - but they did.

Accused in the shooting death of Shaw is 19-year-old Pedro Espinoza. Espinoza had been out of jail barely 24 hours when he allegedly killed Shaw, apparently in the mistaken belief that Shaw belonged to a rival gang. A second person is being sought.

The 17-year-old high school running back was walking home from the mall when two people drove up and asked whether he was in a gang. When he didn't answer, Shaw was gunned down near his house. His father found him next to a tree they had planted together.

Shaw's mother, Anita, an Army sergeant, was serving a second tour in Iraq when her son was killed. Sgt. Shaw compared the people who allegedly killed her son to the terrorists she fights overseas. Seems hard to argue the sentiment.

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