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1. Instant Sauna

WHAT IT DOES -- Lets you build a plug-in infra red sauna from a kit. WHY IT'S HOT -- As sembles like Legos. Put it together and get ready to bake. The prefab sauna can go higher than 150 degrees, is made of ce dar and plugs into a 120-volt current, 15 or 20 amp outlet. WHERE TO FIND IT -- Available from Cedrus Saunas of Anaheim, Calif., cedrussauna.com. The maker is American Infra red Sauna Corp. WHAT IT COSTS -- About $5,495 for the two-to-three seater.

2. Stick-on and rub-on wall art

WHAT IT DOES -- Creates chalkboards, patterns and murals with peel-and-stick vinyl ma terial or stencil-like deco rations that rub on. WHY IT'S HOT -- Brings out your inner in terior designer. Plus it's quick, easy to move and won't damage walls. Self-adhesive sheets create a variety of designs using cutouts in different shapes and colors. Rub-ons can be painted over. WHERE TO FIND IT -- Available at the Wall Decor Store of Arnold, wallsandcrafts.com, from a variety of makers, in cluding Wallies and Wall-Pops. WHAT IT COSTS -- Starts at $7.95.

3. OutcastWireless Speaker

WHAT IT DOES -- The weather-resistant out door speaker links wire lessly to just about any music source, including iPods, CD players, and music channels on cable TV. WHY IT'S HOT -- It's a party on the go. The lightweight speaker can receive audio signals up to 350 feet away and can play for up to 10 hours at full volume, mak ing it perfect for get-to gethers. The battery is rechargeable and multi ple speakers can connect to a single audio transmitter. WHERE TO FIND IT -- Shown by Maximum Sales, Tim Sutch, 304-728-4039; made by Soundcast Systems, soundcast systems.com WHAT IT COSTS -- $699 retail; $100 dis count at the home show

4. Decorative glass door insert

WHAT IT DOES -- Replaces part of an existing door with glass panels. WHY IT'S HOT -- You don't have to get a new door. Installers cut a hole in the door and insert glass panels into that space, leaving existing door hardware in place. Choose from a variety of styles or design your own. WHERE TO FIND IT -- Entry Door Impressions of Elkridge, entrydoorimpres sions.com. Makers are ODL, odl.com, and Medi eval Glass, medievalglass.com. WHAT IT COSTS -- Up to $2,200 installed.

5. Arbel stone paver

WHAT IT DOES -- Paves patios, driveways, etc., with a natural stone look. WHY IT'S HOT -- The look of natural flagstone without the cost. At 3 1/2 " deep, the tinted con crete pavers are sturdy enough for a driveway. Installation can be a DIY project for the strong and skilled. WHERE TO FIND IT -- Kingsdene Nurseries & Garden Center of Monkton, kingsde ne.com; made by Betco Supreme, belgard.biz. WHAT IT COSTS -- About $15 per square foot installed.

6. Bon-Aire Ultimate Hose Nozzle

WHAT IT DOES -- In vented by a firefighter and modeled after a fire house nozzle, this fitting has an adjustable spray of up to 40 psi. WHY IT'S HOT -- No drips, no leaks and no slips. The nozzle is cov ered in rubber for an easy, comfortable grip and it has a two-way turn-off. WHERE TO FIND IT -- Available online at ama zon.com or at frontgate.com WHAT IT COSTS -- $24.95-34.95


WHAT IT DOES -- Serves as an indoor/outdoor green, with fake turf. WHY IT'S HOT -- You can practice your short game in the basement. The pseudo-turf putting green is custom-designed and can be built outdoors or indoors, with or without a sand trap. WHERE TO FIND IT -- Southwest Greens of Maryland, Hampstead, a division of Brothers Services, southwestgreens.com/maryland.html. Artificial turf is made by Challenger Industries, envylawn.com. WHAT IT COSTS -- About $2,000-$3,000 for a 9-foot by 12-foot green.


WHAT IT DOES -- Offers a traditional look in a durable, steel-exterior door with vinyl texture. WHY IT'S HOT -- Carriage-house design is big. These overhead doors have a wood look and they're insulated. (Carriage-house styles also come in plywood and fiberglass-exteriors.) WHERE TO FIND IT -- Freedom Overhead Door Co., of Hunt Valley (no web site). Made by C.H.I. Overhead Doors, chiohd.com. WHAT IT COSTS -- About $1,720 installed.


WHAT IT DOES -- Grows plants in a tray that is in an irrigated vertical frame. WHY IT'S HOT -- Everything green is hot. It can be planted indoors or out, with succulents, herbs, grasses, etc. The wall can have insulation, noise-reduction and air quality benefits. WHERE TO FIND IT -- New Edge Design of Baltimore, newedgedesign.org; made by ELT Inc., elteasygreen.com. WHAT IT COSTS -- About $900 for 2-feet by 6-feet of planted panels, framed and with an irrigation system built in.


WHAT IT DOES -- Cooks food using magnetic energy. WHY IT'S HOT -- Neither the cooktop nor pot get hot; but the food sure does, and fast. The single-burner unit plugs into standard household outlet; burner is about 8 inches around. Also available as a full-size cooktop. WHERE TO FIND IT -- Bray & Scarff, brayandscarff.com. Made by Viking, vikingrange.com. WHAT IT COSTS -- About $800 at Bray & Scarff.

Maryland Home & Garden Show

The Maryland Home & Garden Show runs 10 a.m.-6 p.m. today at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium. The event features demonstrations, seminars and hundreds of exhibits, including landscaped gardens and products from fences to doors to plumbing.

Admission, including entrance to this weekend's Orchid Society Show and Sale, is $10 for adults, $9 for seniors and $3 for children ages 6-12. Free for children under 6. For details, go to mdhomeandgarden.com.

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