Dumb? Or maybe dumber?

The Baltimore Sun

Maybe sports figures were always this stupid and we just didn't notice, or maybe so many of them are getting airtime now that their foolishness is on display.

The most recent prizewinner for idiocy is pro golfer Tripp Isenhour, who was filming a TV show with the ominously prescient name Shot Like a Pro in December at a golf course in Orlando, Fla.

It seems a red-shouldered hawk, a protected migratory species, was squawking loud enough to interrupt Isenhour's filming, so the 39-year-old pro zinged golf shots at the hawk - and eventually succeeded in hitting and killing the bird. The fatal shot wasn't recorded (if it had, we would have seen it on YouTube by now) but some disturbed TV crew members were witnesses.

Hold the bad taste jokes about shooting a birdie because the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was not amused. Isenhour faces animal cruelty charges that carry potential jail time and a $1,500 fine.

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