Boyfriend of bus assault victim denies provoking

The boyfriend of a woman beaten aboard a city bus denied yesterday that he ordered her to either spit on or use a racial slur against the teens accused of attacking her.

Under aggressive cross-examination in juvenile court in Baltimore, Troy Ennis, 30, said he did nothing to provoke the Dec. 4 attack aboard the No. 27 bus in Hampden, other than to remark that the teens showed poorer manners than his 5-year-old daughter.

His testimony matched that of his girlfriend, Sarah Kreager, 26, on all but very minor points.

"It's common sense not to say [a racial slur] on a bus full of African-Americans," he said in response to a series of rapid-fire questions from defense attorney Kimberly Thomas.

Thomas represents Nakita McDaniels, the middle-schooler Ennis and Kreager accuse of starting the fight over an empty seat.

The Sun does not name juveniles accused of crimes. However, McDaniels filed public countercharges against Kreager, which city prosecutors declined to pursue.

Immediately after the attack, while still at the scene, Ennis and the bus driver, Danny Williams, pointed out to Maryland Transit Administration Police nine teens whom they said participated in the attack.

But Kreager and Ennis weren't shown photo arrays - akin to police lineups on paper - until Dec. 13, nine days after the attack.

By then, Kreager and Ennis could pick out only McDaniels, 15, in the photo arrays, according to testimony.

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