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Presenting the weekly sports media notes, guaranteed to be trans-fat-free:

Very cool idea by Comcast SportsNet for Wednesday's Capitals-Calgary Flames game. The network is employing "OvechKam," a camera that will constantly be trained on Caps star Alex Ovechkin.

Ovechkin sets up in the circle, you'll see him.

Ovechkin passes off and sidesteps a defenseman, you'll see him.

Ovechkin hears a joke while on the bench and laughs so hard water comes out of his nose, you'll see him. (Yes, that was one of my typically lame attempts at humor, but the camera literally will stay on Ovechkin even when he's on the bench.)

Comcast SportsNet will present OvechKam on a split screen with the usual, broader view of the ice during a version of the game shown on CSN+. The regular telecast will air on the regular Comcast SportsNet channel.

The OvechKam marks a first for a U.S.-produced hockey telecast, Comcast SportsNet reports. It was previously done by a Canadian broadcaster for Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux.

NFL players, take note: You leave a voice mail for Chris Mortensen, it might get played and played and played on ESPN.

I lost count of how many times the network ran Brett Favre's message to Mortensen after Favre's retirement was announced Tuesday.

Speaking of Favre, he holds another record that has nothing to do with passing or durability. NFL Films said it miked him 17 times, for 47 hours of Favre-ian sound, the most of any NFL player.

Fox has announced its Saturday baseball Game of the Week lineup, and the Orioles are scheduled for one appearance - May 3 at the Los Angeles Angels.

The New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers and Angels get the most, with nine scheduled Fox games, followed by eight each for the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.

Mid-Atlantic Sports Network also announced its Orioles schedule. The Orioles will appear 96 times on MASN and 65 times on MASN2.

WJZ/Channel 13 will simulcast 25 games. The first all-high-definition series will be a three-game set with the Yankees April 18 through 20.

During a 16-game stretch May 16 through June 2, MASN will have 13 HD telecasts.

CBS' Billy Packer said this college basketball season is coming down to the wire in unique fashion.

"There are nine teams - Kansas, Texas, Stanford, UCLA, Louisville, Georgetown, Memphis, North Carolina and Duke - that over the course of the next week and in the postseason tournaments can work their way into or out of [an NCAA tournament] No. 1 seed," Packer said in a network news release.

"There has never been a situation like that before, which means one of them is going to be a No. 3 seed. That really shows you the strength of the top of this year's brackets."

Hey, here's a surprise: more Yankees content from ESPN.

Starting March 22, the network will run a series of vignettes called "Remembering the House that Ruth Built" to mark the last season of Yankee Stadium.

The vignettes will appear "on a wide variety of ESPN platforms." Which means you'll have trouble avoiding them.

To be fair, though, some of the segments will detail events at the stadium (boxing matches, football games) that had nothing to do with the Yankees.

Favorite YouTube clip of the week: Digger Phelps dancing with a Kansas cheerleader out on the court in Lawrence.

It's a shame ESPN keeps him bottled up behind that desk on College GameDay. He can really shake 'em down.

I can just picture the young Digger rocking to the Isley Brothers during a kegger at the TKE house back at Rider.

(Props to any of you who remember that Phelps and I share the New Jersey college as an alma mater. I probably haven't mentioned it for at least six months.)

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