Casualty of a different war

The Baltimore Sun

In times of war, families with loved ones in harm's way hold their breath whenever there's an unexpected knock on the door.

Unfortunately, the war going on in too many American cities can add its own cruel twist.

Army Sgt. Anita Shaw has been serving her second tour of duty in Iraq, which certainly would have been enough to have her son, 17-year-old Jamiel Andre Shaw, a star running back for his Los Angeles high school football team, holding his breath.

But it was the mother who got the bad news. According to the Associated Press, Jamiel was killed over the weekend while standing on a city sidewalk near his home. Police believe the death is the result of random gang violence; the high school all-star was shot after two men basically asked him whether he belonged to a gang.

Jamiel, who was not a gang member, did not reply.

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