Third Holyfield-Tyson fight would not be appetizing

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.-- --News item: Evander Holyfield revealed in an interview with The Guardian in London last week he is considering an offer from Mike Tyson for the two forty- something heavyweights to fight a third time.

My take: So much for the old saying "Once bitten, twice shy," but I'm not laughing. After suffering through the Klitschko-Ibragimov heavyweight unification fight last weekend, I'd pay good money to see Larry Holmes fight again.

News item: Maryland held on for a big victory at Wake Forest on Thursday night and could close in on an NCAA tournament berth by beating Clemson tonight at Comcast Center.

My take: Congratulations on the big road victory, but I've got to say, I don't know whether I've ever seen a team try harder to lose a game that could have been a comfortable win. The Terps will have to take better care of the ball to hold serve at home tonight.

News item: Hank Steinbrenner is following in the footsteps of his outspoken father. "Red Sox Nation?" he said in a New York Times magazine interview recently, "What a bunch of [expletive] that is. That's a creation of the Red Sox and ESPN, which is filled with Red Sox fans. ... This is a Yankee country."

My take: And you don't believe there's a liberal media conspiracy.

News item: San Francisco Giants owner Peter Magowan met recently with baseball commissioner Bud Selig to discuss his team's prominent presence in the Mitchell Report.

My take: "Barry who?" Magowan said. "We don't have anybody around here named Barry. And if we did, he was only here once and it was just to recover from an injury."

News item: Federal Judge Susan Illston has unsealed Bonds' 2003 grand jury testimony.

My take: This would be a real bombshell if there weren't a lawyer serving 30 months in prison for unsealing it early.

News item: Nolan Ryan has signed a four-year contract to serve as president of the Texas Rangers.

My take: Give him four weeks on an exercise bike, and he also could be the Opening Day starter.

News item: Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Jason Schmidt, who made just six starts in the first season of his three-year, $47 million contract, has been shut down this spring but says that's just part of his rehabilitation program after June shoulder surgery.

My take: That's almost $8 million per start, and don't be surprised if that's the way it ends up.

News item: Johan Santana, who signed a record $137.5 million contract with the New York Mets, gave up three runs on four hits in his spring debut.

My take: No sense spoiling everyone your first time out.

News item: Erik Bedard looked shaky in his spring debut for the Seattle Mariners, then chided reporters for asking too many questions about it afterward.

My take: No sense spoiling everyone your first time out.

News item: The Green Bay Packers' official Web site accidentally posted a dummy page on Thursday announcing quarterback Brett Favre's retirement.

My take: In a related development, the Packers announced that letting Aaron Rodgers have unrestricted access to the Web site probably was a mistake.

News item: The Miami Dolphins have signed free-agent quarterback Josh McCown, who was 2-7 in nine starts for the Oakland Raiders last season.

My take: The Super Bowl is just a formality. I hear the Dolphins are planning to raid the Atlanta Falcons' roster next.

News item: The new Washington Nationals ballpark has 1,200 parking spaces, and District officials have decided to restrict parking on city streets around the stadium to encourage the use of mass transit.

My take: Frankly, I didn't think it would be necessary to come up with new reasons not to attend Nationals games this year. Doesn't MASN have HD now?

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