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Henry Johnson is a partner of Johnson/Berman, an interior design firm responsible for many high-profile projects, including the State House in Annapolis and the Maryland Club in Baltimore. Johnson has always had a keen interest in architectural history, which has informed much of his award-winning work for more than two decades. He says he believes that good design is not an accident, but the result of a thoughtful and purposeful approach to problem-solving with exact and specific goals.

"The Architect, or Practical House Carpenter" / by Asher Benjamin / Dover Publications (Paperback) / 192 pages / $15.95

This book is as thoroughly modern as it was in 1830. I use the principles and ideas in this book on most of my design projects.

"A Christmas Memory" / by Truman Capote / Alfred A. Knopt (Hardcover) / 48 pages / $17.95

I'm a Southern boy, so this story rekindles a lot of fond memories of my childhood and what it was like to grow up in the South.

"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" / by Mark Twain / Penguin Classics (Paperback) / 304 pages / $4.99

In my opinion, the finest piece of American literature ever written. Mischievous, adventurous and unpredictable, Tom makes for a dynamic Southern hero.

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