Tough crowds in the ACC

I've admired the Wake Forest Freakin' Deacons fans since their inception 10 years ago. There's something about the tie-dye shirts and headbands that appeal to the hippie in me.

Duke's Cameron Crazies were original about 20 years ago, but they've now resorted to parroting the chants that somebody writes down on a blackboard.


I know the Freakin' Deacons have inspired nearly every student body in the country with their theme song. It's played at just about every arena to get the students stirred up. I even heard it played at an American University women's game with about 12 fans in attendance at Bender Arena.

Here's a look at my top five toughest crowds in the ACC:


1. Wake Forest: The Demon Deacons have lost only twice at home this season, in part because of the Freakin' Deacons.

2. Virginia Tech: Cassell Coliseum is one of those old-school gyms that because of size and acoustics makes it tough for the opposing team to hear.

3. Duke: Despite a lack of originality and an abundance of obnoxiousness, the fans' proximity to the Coach K Court is not good for opponents with the slightest bit of claustrophobia.

4. Maryland: Hate to say it, but the fans at Comcast Center are not as intense as they were a few years ago or as they were at Cole Field House.

5. North Carolina: Much improved from the early years at the Dean Dome, when Sam Cassell called it a "cheese and wine crowd," but they still have a ways to go.

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