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Speaking of ranting ...

If I recall correctly, wasn't Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen ordered to take sensitivity training a couple of years ago for using inappropriate language regarding sexual orientation to describe sportswriter Jay Mariotti?

Well, whatever they hoped to accomplish in that sensitivity training, Guillen continues to have a flair for colorful language and imagery.

For instance, during the opening days of spring training, Guillen said that he felt it would be beneficial to his team if he wasn't so constrained in his approach, to wit (as quoted in the Chicago Sun-Times):

"As long as I don't rape anybody, as long as I pay my taxes, I don't beat my wife ... if I am going to be on the front page of the newspaper because of [expletive] baseball, I will take that.

"If more people treat baseball the way I treat baseball, this [expletive] game will be better."

Yep, sounds like Mr. Sensitivity to me.

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