Cher's oh-so-fabulous career has given her hits in four decades

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So the charming, the unique, the indestructible Cher is coming back! The Oscar-winning Cher, at 61, has had career success and longevity like few others. Remember this: She is the only artist to have a hit song in each of the past four decades. And as she preps to make a super splash at Caesars Palace in the Celine Dion venue, she is working on her 27th studio album. She told Nightline's Cynthia McFadden that her regrets are the things she didn't do -- like taking up Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando when they made a pass. Yes, she did have a romance with Tom Cruise. And she opens May 6 for a three-year run in Vegas.

Party fun

If you give a party and the top editors of Time and Newsweek (Rick Stengel and Jon Meacham) show up, plus the Tony-winning star Tommy Tune, as well as the Democrats' most compelling booster, Vernon Jordan, well, that's a really big deal. Let's add advertising's champ Mary Wells Lawrence, and publishing's Sara Nelson, Larry Kirshbaum, Jane Friedman, Vicky Wilson, Mort Janklow, Amy Gross, Ellen Levine, Citibank's Lisa Caputo, 60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl, Lifetime's Andrea Wong, the library's Louise Grunwald -- oh, yes, and let's not forget Red Sox owner Tom Werner.

Can you dub such a party a success? I'll say! This was at the Russian Tea Room's glassy, glittering second floor with its huge transparent bear full of live fish. Caviar flowed like vodka. It was to introduce Karen Mack and Jennifer Kaufman, whose second novel, A Version of the Truth, from Delacorte Press, is already on the Los Angeles Times' best-seller list. (They made a big splash two years ago with Literacy and Longing in L.A.) These beauties, married, with kids, get together every day and dictate fiction at high speed to one another. You'll have to become aware of them sooner or later. They're on a roll.

I also greeted writers Barbara Goldsmith, Jess Cagle, Marie Brenner, Joan "Violet" Buck, Holly Peterson, Billy Norwich, Chris Meigher, and Forrest Gump producer Wendy Finerman (she also did The Devil Wears Prada) with her moneyman hubby David Peterson. There were others who'd rather I not report on them.

The hit of the party? Pigs in blankets, which jostled right along on the trays with the incomparable caviar. Something for everyone!

A tall order

Tommy Tune says he just did one of Interview's turns where a star talks to a star. Tommy interviewed Brooke Shields. He says, "It was such a thrill because she is so beautiful and as tall as I am. I seldom have the chance to look on my own level into a woman's eyes."

Brooke, of course, is the Lipstick Jungle bombshell of the Candy Bushnell continuing story of women and sex in Manhattan. I enjoyed watching the kickoff of this NBC series.

Clearing things up

May I make something clear? Elaine Stritch, Barry Diller and I were all three born on the same day, Feb. 2. That's why we had three candles on our cake at 21. We were celebrating! Yippee.

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