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Atonement -- The crush of an upper-class teen on her housekeeper's son (James McAvoy) catalyzes a devastating accusation that ruins his life and that of the girl's older sister (Keira Knightley). This beautifully acted, remarkably visualized adaptation of Ian McEwan's novel sums up the need for charity and generosity in art and life. (M.S.) R 123 minutes A

The Bucket List -- A pair of dying cancer patients (Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) draw up a list of things to do before they kick the bucket. (C.K.) PG-13 97 minutes C+


Cloverfield -- A big nasty something-or-other begins destroying Manhattan, and it's all captured on this guy's video cam. Not much story or script, but plenty of style. (C.K.) PG-13 84 minutes B-

Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert -- It's a 3-D version of the Disney darling's concert that's driven tweens to distraction and parents to scalper Web sites. The 3-D camera throws drumsticks and confetti in our faces, but the technical effects seem superfluous to the star's bona fide energy. (Newsday) G 74 minutes C+


How She Move -- sure has got the moves. And even if we've seen so many of them before, its young cast delivers the goods with such gusto and drive that the familiarity breeds more enjoyment than contempt. Rutina Wesley, determined to escape a dead-end world of drugs and shattered dreams, uses stepping - a combination of breakdancing and military-style drill formations - as a means to that end. (C.K.) PG-13 91 minutes B-

Mad Money -- Three women at a federal reserve bank (Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes) decide to steal some of the worn-out money the bank routinely destroys. Silly, implausible and not very funny. Latifah and Holmes, at least, seem to be having fun. But Keaton never warms to a role that is clearly beneath her. (C.K.) PG- 13 104 minutes C+

Over Her Dead Body -- A shrewish bride-to-be (Eva Longoria Parker) dies and then haunts her fiance (Paul Rudd) when he tries to get on with his life with another woman (Lake Bell). (C.K.) PG-13 95 minutes D

Persepolis -- -- Writer-director Marjane Satrapi uses animation to tell a tale about growing up in Iran under a succession of totalitarian regimes. (C.K.) PG-13 95 minutes A-

There Will Be Blood -- From 1898 through the Roaring '20s, a monomaniacal California oil baron (Daniel Day-Lewis) achieves towering financial success - but morally scrapes the bottom of the barrel. (M.S.) R 158 minutes C-

27 Dresses -- Katherine Heigl is Jane, an eternal bridesmaid (literally) who finds herself at odds with James Marsden's Kevin, a cynical wedding reporter. The film is a romantic comedy, so you can probably guess where this is headed. Predictable but utterly charming, especially when Heigl is onscreen. (C.K.) PG-13 107 minutes B

Untraceable -- A killer tortures his victims on the Internet while inviting the rest of the world to watch. Sounds interesting, but the film abandons any pretense of mystery by revealing the degenerate's identity about a third of the way through. Diane Lane is stuck playing an FBI Internet specialist. (C.K.) R 100 minutes C

U2 3D -- Shot during the band's 2006 "Vertigo" tour of South America, the film, a cohesive concert performance with its requisite peaks and valleys, turns into a greatest-hits pastiche. Such quibbles are for purists. The rest of us, especially those who have never seen one of rock's great live acts, can be thankful for an experience that puts you there. (C.K.) G 85 minutes A