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Too long. Will someone please explain why Ryan Seacrest is all over radio and TV these days? We simply don't get it. We needed a nap after the pre-game activities so we were able to stay up and watch the game. Moment of truth: Fox analyst Terry Bradshaw admitting how "butt ugly" he was next to Tom Brady during their interview. No truer words were spoken yesterday. Alicia Keys was a fine choice to perform before the game. Anything to get Seacrest off the stage. Did we really need a reading of the Declaration of Independence? Kickoff was scheduled for 6:17 p.m. It finally kicked off at 6:30.


Dial in now and vote for Jordin Sparks. We're way past the time when we can complain about singers dragging out the anthem, so no complaints. Sparks was in full American Idol voice - Randy, Paula and Simon would have given her high marks, and so do we. Michael Strahan of the Giants singing along and Rodney Harrison of the Patriots having his hand on longtime friend Junior Seau's shoulder during the performance were nice touches.


How many will you remember? There were a few clever spots, but nothing on the order of the Budweiser frogs, Brother Dominic the Xerox monk, Terry Tate the Office Linebacker or Mean Joe Greene the Coke sharer. Still, we did like the irresistible Planters redhead, the soda-seeking parade balloons and the talking shirt stain.


Nothing against Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, but they didn't come close to the energy and drive of Prince last year. It was a good, solid performance by an aging band, and the best thing is that there were no wardrobe malfunctions.


It had everything. Great defense. Great plays. History. It culminated in a thrilling fourth-quarter comeback by the Giants to upset the Patriots and hand New England its first loss of the season. Really, you couldn't ask for much more from a championship football game.


Let the debate begin as to whether this was the biggest upset in sports history. If you consider that the Giants lost to the Patriots in Week 17 by just three points, was it really an upset of epic proportions? It might go down as one of the best Super Bowls in history.

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