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Just play the game already

The Baltimore Sun

Mr. Flip's rant

Mr. Flip likes his pro football. Mr. Flip likes the Super Bowl. However, like Cartman did in that one episode of South Park where he froze himself because he couldn't wait until the Nintendo Wii came out, Mr. Flip sometimes wishes he could be put in suspended animation for two weeks and then unfrozen just before Super Bowl kickoff.

There just isn't that much to say about a single game. And despite what the innumerable talking heads might lead you to believe this week, planning for this football game doesn't rank up there with strategizing for D-Day.

With a few exceptions, any shred of real news becomes a closely guarded secret. But we're already past a whole week of talking about the game, with another whole week to go.

Spare Mr. Flip a diagram on how Bill Belichick cuts the sleeves of his sweat shirt. The game should have been played yesterday.

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