Any Bedard extension likely hooked to pair of antlers

News item: Orioles starting pitcher Erik Bedard told The Sun he is resigned to being traded, but would still consider signing a contract extension if the price were right.

My take: Here are some clues to point you toward the team that will eventually give him that extension. Bedard is the best pitcher developed by the Orioles since Mike Mussina, whose nickname is Moose. There is a team in the American League West whose mascot is a Moose. You have five seconds.


News item: The Ravens put their offense in the hands of former Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron, who won just one game in his first season in Miami.

My take: That one win was against the Ravens, and apparently it made quite an impression.


News item: It's looking more and more like Rex Ryan will remain as the Ravens' defensive coordinator after being passed over for several head coaching jobs.

My take: Rex's loss is Baltimore's gain. Keeping Ryan will allow new coach John Harbaugh to focus most of his attention on raising the offensive attack to the level of one of the NFL's best defenses.

News item: The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network won an arbitration battle with Time Warner to force the cable giant to carry MASN in North Carolina. It was another in a series of legal victories for the young regional sports network.

My take: Congratulations, but we already knew Peter Angelos has a lot of good lawyers. Just think how good MASN might be if he ever has a lot of good baseball players.

News item: Maryland will start to look tournament-worthy if the Terrapins can knock off No. 4 Duke at Comcast Center today.

My take: Take a breath. The shocking victory over top-ranked North Carolina last weekend was a hugely uplifting experience, but the young Terps aren't really ready for prime time. The women's team, of course, is a different story.

News item: The Washington Redskins fired assistants Gregg Williams and Al Saunders, hired Jim Zorn to be their offensive coordinator and promoted Greg Blache into the defensive coordinator role.

My take: Since it's customary for the new head coach to pick the new coordinators, does that mean that owner Daniel Snyder plans to coach the 'Skins himself next year?


News item: The New York Yankees again had the highest payroll - by far - in 2007, doling out a staggering $218 million on player salaries and benefits.

My take: How can Bud Selig talk about parity when the entire Tampa Bay Rays payroll doesn't add up to Alex Rodriguez's annual salary?

News item: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was conspicuous by his apparent absence from practice Thursday and Friday, fueling speculation about the mild ankle sprain he suffered in last week's AFC championship game.

My take: I guess that's better than the speculation he would have fueled if he had turned up in that protective ankle boot on the beach at Cabo San Lucas.

News item: The NHL All-Star Game will be played today in that bastion of ice hockey tradition, Atlanta.

My take: To put that somewhat incongruent match of event and location into perspective, consider that the NHL showcase will rank No. 22 on the list of largest events held in Atlanta this year. It's not even the biggest event held there in the past week. The International Poultry Expo, which ended Friday, drew nearly three times the tourist traffic and finally answered that age-old question: Which came first, the chicken or the puck?


News item: The Miami Heat ended a 15-game losing streak yesterday with a 98-96 victory over the Indiana Pacers.

My take: If you haven't been paying close attention, you might be surprised to learn that the Heat is actually one of five NBA teams that are worse than the New York Knicks.

News item: Thousands of tourists are making their way to the Phoenix metropolitan area for Super Bowl week.

My take: Too bad there aren't more tickets available for the locals, since this could be the first time many Cardinals fans will get to see a professional football game.

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