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Bishop John Roland Schol leads the United Methodist Church in the Baltimore-Washington area, which includes 1,000 ministers and more than 200,000 parishioners. Schol has a Master of Divinity degree and Doctor of Ministry degree from Boston University School of Theology. He assumed his present position in 2004.

The Bible

The Bible has really changed my life and continues to shape my life as I think about God, the world and my relationship with both.

"The Holy Man" / by Susan Trott / Riverhead / 192 pages / $13

This book is really about people searching for life's answers, and what I learned from that book is that the answers are in the questions, and it is in the journey that we find meaning in life and not at the end of the road.

"American Dreams, Lost and Found" / by Studs Terkel / New Press / 496 pages / $16.95

It captures the core of humanity and the story of humanity. When you read the stories you are drawn into those people, and there are some pieces of you in those people.

"Good to Great" and "Built to Last" / by Jim Collins / Collins / 300 pages / $27.50 These books have helped me think about ... how to work with people in organizational life so that the organization can be true to its mission.

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