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Glimpsed in Fulton

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Serena Jarvis is a walking example of fashion tips for young women. Don't cover up with athletic shorts, pajama pants or sweats. At 20, your figure is still fit enough for a slim pair of leggings. Wear 'em! Don't feel the need to show all your skin, however clear it is. A little shoulder-baring is enough to make us old ladies jealous. And don't dumb down your outfits with sneakers or flip-flops. Don a good pair of heels and strut your youthful stuff. You can worry about your pained arches 10 years from now.

Age: 20

Residence: Sykesville

Job: Retail assistant at Bra-la-la and cosmetologist

Self-described style: "Unique."

The look: Orange, off-the-shoulder top with cut-out flower details. Gray leggings. Gray, high-heeled slouch boots.

Where it came from: Blouse from Forever 21. Leggings from Aeropostale. Boots purchased at Baker's.

Uniquely booted: "[My style is] unique because I don't necessarily put on what is stylish. I just put on what I like and what I'm comfortable in. I love leggings with boots. And jeans. I always dress up my jeans. I always wear high heels, some sort of heels, mostly boots. I have a thing for shoes. It's all about the shoes with my outfits."

Secret to wearing heels all day at work: "It doesn't [hurt] because most of my shoes come from Baker's and they sell these pads that they you can put on the bottom and they're only like two or three dollars. The ones for the bottom are mostly for grip, because heels don't have a lot of grip. But they do add a little cushion."

Skin-timate tip: "I also like to wear lots of off-the-shoulder things, because it's not showing too much skin. Just a little bit."

Color-conscious: "I wear a lot of blacks and grays and brown, but I always put a little color in the outfit as well."

Dress up when out, dress down when home: "I'm not going to lie; as soon as I get home from work I put on my most comfortable sweat pants and sweat shirts. I don't think you should walk around like that every day, but I definitely do that. I enjoy dressing up."

Dressing up starts with undergarments: It's very dangerous [working in a lingerie shop]. For a while, I was purchasing something every week. But it's not just about having the pretty undergarments; it's about being comfortable, as well. And if you have the right-fitting bra it's more comfortable and as soon as you put it on you're like, 'Oh, wow!'"

And it ends with your hairstyle: You definitely have to style your hair with your outfit. I always do that last. I make it go with whatever I'm wearing. [Today], the leggings were very skinny and so I thought I should wear my hair down so that I didn't look just like a stick."

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