A home-decor magazine for regular folks

The Baltimore Sun

Amid the urbane, sophisticated excess of magazines such as Elle Decor and Architectural Digest, it's refreshing to find a shelter magazine aimed at regular people.

Small Room Decorating, published by Country Almanac, is for readers who don't live in 6,000-square-foot homes and don't have $15,000 to spend on an area rug.

Although none of the photos in this magazine will wow you with its grandeur, apartment and bungalow dwellers will find plenty of ideas for ways to maximize their limited space. Among the ideas and tips in the winter issue:

To add storage space, build an alcove for the bed, plus shelves on both sides.

Show as much floor as possible. Buy hanging lamps instead of floor lamps, remove skirts from upholstered furniture and choose glass-top tables.

Limit your room to two or three colors. The first color should cover 70 percent of the room's surface (probably walls, ceilings and big pieces of furniture), and the second color should cover 20 percent (curtains, rugs, other pieces of furniture). A third accent color can add a pop in throws, pillows, artwork.

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