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We know about the stark-raving looniness that characterized Marge Schott's time as owner of the Cincinnati Reds, and the Madness of King George of the Bronx has been well documented.

Now, Al Davis' stewardship of the Oakland Raiders is taking a decidedly unfortunate turn.

It was reported yesterday that Davis - once considered one of the most canny operators in sports - sent a letter to coach Lane Kiffin asking him to resign. Kiffin has been on the job one year, and the early word is that he refused. I'd be guessing, but that just might have something to do with a contract.

The Raiders were 2-14 in 2006 and Kiffin doubled the win total to 4-12 this season. Before Kiffin, 32, was hired, Art Shell - in his second go-around in Oakland - lasted just one season.

Since 1995, the Raiders have had seven head coaches. The team has been unable to win more than five games in any of the past five seasons. And, of course, Davis is considered one of the most hands-on and meddlesome owners in football, even more so than the Dallas Cowboys' Jerry Jones.

I ask you: Could there be a worse job in sports than working for Al Davis?

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