Rough-and-tumble 'Rambo' hits target

The Baltimore Sun

There's something oddly touching about Sylvester Stallone's march down memory lane, dusting off one of his most iconic characters for another outing after years in mothballs. As with 2006's Rocky Balboa and now Rambo, the 60-year-old star dons the persona like a comfy old suit, a little worse for wear but eminently recognizable.

Since drawing First Blood in 1982, John Rambo, a taciturn, nihilistic Vietnam vet who favors a bow and arrow and knife over modern weaponry (but can pretty much wipe out an entire regiment single-handedly with anything in reach), became the ultimate symbol of action-movie excess. A walking, grunting monolith with giant, vein-rippled forearms, Rambo represented a video-game approach to filmmaking long before PlayStations and Xboxes surpassed the multiplex as the hideaway of choice for teenage boys.

Rambo (Lionsgate) Starring Sylvester Stallone, Julie Benz. Directed by Sylvester Stallone. Rated R. Time 93 minutes.

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