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Spotlight too bright, Bisciotti?

The Baltimore Sun

Mr. Flip's rant

Given that he spends a lot of time under his paper bag, Mr. Flip doesn't get out much. So it's not as if he hangs out with Steve Bisciotti.

But let him offer an opinion about the timing of the Ravens' coaching hire and the club's owner.

Mr. Flip would not necessarily say there was anything rushed about the decision to name John Harbaugh, but the move did occur with some alacrity after Jason Garrett left the Ravens standing at the altar. Now, think about just how much Bisciotti has been in contact with the media in recent weeks, something he almost never does. Though you can hardly read about the Dallas Cowboys without tripping over a Jerry Jones quote, the normal word from Bisciotti is that, well, there is no word from Bisciotti.

So maybe we can extrapolate a bit and say Bisciotti didn't want this hiring process to drag on for too long, because that would put Bisciotti before the media for far longer than he would like.

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