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There'd be no logic in hiring M. Lewis

Usually, I have to go to the back of the Today section of The Sun for my first good laugh of the day. But thanks to Mike Preston, on Jan. 9, I only had to look at the top of the Sports section ("Ravens could deal to bring in ex-assistant as head man").

Mr. Preston thinks we should hire Marvin Lewis to be our new head coach, even at the expense of draft picks. Now let's see if I have his logic straight: After years of skewering Brian Billick for being an "offensive genius" with a horrible offense, apparently it is OK for Lewis, the "defensive genius," to have a team ranked 27th or worse in defense four of the last five years (in fairness, they did make it all the way up to 19 in the other year.) After finding it unacceptable that coach Billick would be so soft on his players as to allow 12-year veterans to skip two-a-days, he instead advocates a "disciplinarian" who runs such a tight ship he cannot keep his players out of prison, averaging over an arrest per month for 2006.

Of course, Mike Preston, the master statistician, will point out that the Bengals have had only one losing season in Lewis' tenure as head coach. He somehow forgets to tell you that they have also had only one winning season, and that as an NFL head coach Lewis has as many playoff wins as I do. Take the GM hat off Mr. Preston; it doesn't fit.

Kenneth D. Winkler


Billick attracts no interest

Interesting, isn't it? Brian Billick was not considered at all by any of the other three NFL teams that were searching for a head coach.

Don Colburn

Havre de Grace

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