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5 Things I Have To Have Now

The Baltimore Sun

Norm Lewis spends a lot of time with his head in the sky. Not only does he study the clouds for his nightly forecasts, but he's also a huge fan of astronomy. Lewis, a married father of two grown kids, learned about the weather while serving in the military. Since then, he's spent more than 30 years doing weather on TV in Baltimore. Lewis lives in Mount Airy with his wife, Linda.

1. 206mm Astro Physics refractor telescope "This is the finest amateur refractor telescope ever made. The only problem is there are only three of them in the world."

2. A four-person hot tub for my deck "Always wanted one."

3. A new car "Currently driving an 11-year-old Saturn with 220,000 miles on it."

4. A two-week ocean cruise "Never been on one and it's something I've always wanted to do."

5. A new ambulance for our volunteer fire company in Mount Airy "Our old ambulance is always in the shop out of service."

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