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On Jan. 23, 1886, Joseph Edwin Hall, 23, married Sarah C. Lee, 20. The ceremony took place in Fallston and was presided over by Thomas Dansbury, "a Minister of Gospel." Joseph Edwin was the youngest of Joseph and Ann Hall's 10 children. The earliest recorded date of the birth of "Young Joe" is 1861 when his mother was held as a slave by Elijah B. Rogers. Young Joe related his memories of his family to researcher Stanley Kimmel in November 1935, recalling how his father lived and worked on the property of the Booth family. After the abolition of slavery in Maryland, Joseph and Ann worked to purchase a farm near Tudor Hall and unite their children. Young Joe and his wife, Sarah, had two sons, Joseph and Lee, and lived for a time at 137 Archer St. in Bel Air. Sarah died in 1947 and Joseph Edwin in 1949. Both are buried in Asbury Cemetery.

Source: Harford Historical Bulletin, Fall 2006.

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