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Carver A&T;, Chesa. forfeit seasons for fight

The Baltimore Sun

The Carver A&T; and Chesapeake boys varsity basketball teams have forfeited the rest of their seasons, Baltimore County coordinator of athletics Ron Belinko confirmed yesterday.

Both teams had depleted rosters as the result of a fight between the teams during their game Jan. 4 at Carver A&T.; County rules stipulate that if a player throws a punch, he is automatically suspended for the season.

The teams had forfeited two games last week while school administrators investigated whether further action was required.

"When you have rules and regulations governing athletics and students violate them, you have to send a message that we don't tolerate that type of behavior," Belinko said. "I agree with the decision, and I back the administrations. It's not a pleasant decision they had to make, but they did thorough investigations."

The fight broke out with 1:48 left in the game, which was ruled a "no contest." Belinko said he did not know how the fight started.

During the fight, both teams' benches cleared. Since the entire rosters of both teams were involved in the fight, Belinko said Carver A&T; and Chesapeake would have had to use junior varsity players to continue their seasons.

Because it's the middle of the season, Belinko said, the schools didn't considers the players ready for varsity play. The JV teams will continue playing.

"I've been with Baltimore County for 42 years, as a coach, AD, and coordinator, and we have never had an incident where the two teams got into it on the court with full-scale slugging each other," Belinko said. "This is a situation that simply cannot be tolerated."

Belinko said athletic directors at both schools are planning on counseling the students.

"This is a teaching moment," Belinko said. "It was an ugly situation, and we want to make sure it never happens again."

Entering the game Jan. 4, Chesapeake was 5-1 and Carver A&T; was 3-4.

Carver A&T; athletic director Lori Brewer and Chesapeake athletic director Rodney McMillion declined to comment. Calls to Carver A&T; principal Karen Steele were directed to the Baltimore County Office of Communications. Calls to Chesapeake principal Maria Lowry were not returned.


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