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A Jerry-rigged contract

The Baltimore Sun

Jerry Jones has a way of irking his NFL "partners." That would be the other 31 owners in the league. Going back more than 10 years, Jones cut deals with Nike and Pepsi that ran contrary to agreements that the NFL had with other sporting goods companies and Coca-Cola. The league even went to court over it.

Well, in this Jason Garrett situation, with Jones persuading Garrett to spurn the Ravens and stay in Dallas, you can be sure that the Cowboys' owner just cost his fellow owners collectively a fair amount of money. By giving Garrett essentially head coach money for remaining an offensive coordinator - the reported speculation is that it approaches $3 million a year - Jones raised the bar on the going rate for coordinators. Other teams can certainly try to resist the pressure, but, in a competitive market, that'll be hard to do.

Beyond that, when next offseason rolls around, the Garrett deal creates upward pressure on salaries for first-time head coaches. The Cowboys are planning to charge $16,000 to $150,000 just for personal seat licenses in their new stadium, so they have a little different financial game plan than everyone else does.

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