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Fatal-stabbing count upgraded

Charges against a Brooklyn Park man accused of stabbing his wife to death have been upgraded to first-degree murder by an Anne Arundel County grand jury.

Soman Narayanan Thamby, 51, was arraigned Monday on the new charge, which was tacked on to second-degree murder and manslaughter charges he was facing in the May 5 death of Lesa Lynn Thamby.

Prosecutors declined to discuss the case, but the charge can be applied in instances of premeditation.

Warren A. Brown, Thamby's defense attorney, said the new evidence includes diary entries from Lesa Thamby's mother, which, he argued, can hardly be used as a window into Soman Thamby's mind.

"Quite frankly, they're just trying to raise the bar," Brown said. "They knew he wouldn't plead to second [-degree murder], so they ratchet it up to first-degree. It's a manslaughter case at worst."

Officers called to the Thambys' home on Ballman Court found Lesa Thamby suffering from multiple stab wounds. She was pronounced dead a short time later.

Brown said that Lesa Thamby pulled a knife during an argument and that the couple wrestled for control of it. He said Soman Thamby secured the weapon and cut his wife's arms and her chest. Brown said the cuts were "slices, not stab wounds."

Lesa Thamby, a mother of three, had sought a protective order against her husband less than two months before her death. The domestic violence case was dismissed in April when she failed to appear in court.

Soman Thamby's trial is scheduled to begin April 30.

Justin Fenton

Two sentenced in gang killing

Two members of the East Side Bounty Hunters sect of the Bloods gang have pleaded guilty in Baltimore Circuit Court to their role in the September 2006 killing of a fellow gang member, city prosecutors said yesterday.

Judge Robert B. Kershaw sentenced Earl Bazemore, 20, known as "Killer B," of the 2500 block of E. Fayette St. to life in prison, suspending all but 40 years, and to five years of probation upon his release. According to prosecutors, Bazemore shot Andrew Levi Jackson, 26, once in the back of the head and then twice more.

Jackson, who was a lieutenant in the L-Set of the Bloods, was killed because he was "false flagging," or misrepresenting, his status in the gang, witnesses said.

Prosecutors said Victor Miller, 21, of the 2000 block of Eutaw St. was Bazemore's lookout. Miller, known as ".40 Cal," pleaded guilty Jan. 7 to conspiracy to commit murder and a handgun charge. Kershaw sentenced Miller to 50 years in prison, suspending all but 25 years, and to five years of probation.

Police found Jackson's body in the 3200 block of Mount Royal Terrace, near Whitelock Street. According to witnesses, Bazemore and Miller were "tasked" with Jackson's murder as punishment for violating the Bloods' code. Two days after Jackson's body was found, police stopped Bazemore and Miller and recovered a gun from their car. A ballistics test matched the gun recovered from the car with the bullets recovered during Jackson's autopsy, prosecutors said.

Melissa Harris

Convicted in hoax, man, 19, is released

A 19-year-old Severna Park man has been released from jail after being convicted of calling 911 and falsely reporting he was a heavily armed Iraq war combat veteran who had shot a hostage, all as a prank.

Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge Paul F. Harris on Tuesday sentenced Christopher Allen Scheibe to five years in prison, suspending all but the 123 days he had served, and ordered him to repay the county Police Department $2,500 for the cost of responding to the hoax. Scheibe also was sentenced to five years' probation.

Scheibe entered an Alford plea to one count of making a false statement regarding the use of a destructive device, meaning that he did not admit guilt but conceded that prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him. Prosecutors dropped four other charges.

Scheibe, of the 600 block of Jumpers Hole Road, called police Sept. 8 and identified himself as Sgt. Joseph Anthony Ramirez, who had returned from his third tour of duty in Iraq to find that his wife had cheated on him and taken their two children to Michigan, according to charging documents.

He told police that he and three other disgruntled Iraq war veterans, equipped with an assault rifle with a high-powered scope and 30 rounds of ammunition, had barricaded themselves with five hostages in his home . He said he wanted flak jackets sent to all troops in Iraq and demanded to speak with the president. He said he was ready to die if police did not comply.

After closing roads and bringing in a special-response team, police determined that the elaborate scenario was a hoax.

Nicole Fuller

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