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Simpson rings, judge zings

The Baltimore Sun

So, O.J. Simpson, whose career as a professional defendant is going just gangbusters, was back in the spotlight (e.g., courtroom) in Las Vegas yesterday because he made a phone call that prosecutors said violated terms of his release on bail regarding that sports memorabilia fracas at the Palace Station. Simpson had tried to send an angry message through the bail bondsman at the You Ring We Spring agency to a co-defendant, a move that angered the judge who originally released him on bail.

Boilerplate: Simpson and several associates are accused of barging into a Las Vegas hotel room occupied by collectors and demanding the return of sports memorabilia supposedly belonging to Simpson. The accused face charges including robbery and kidnapping.

So yesterday, Clark County District Court Judge Jackie Glass doubled Simpson's bail to $250,000 and said this regarding the phone conversation that landed the former football star, movie actor, sideline reporter, murder defendant and all-around tabloid darling back in her court:

"I don't know, Mr. Simpson, what the heck you were thinking. Or maybe that's the problem - you weren't."

When it comes to Simpson, that observation covers a lot of territory.

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