Some big-name stars don't let a good designer dress go to waste

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THE GOLDEN GLOBES didn't happen, for all intents and purposes - it was a news conference, for heaven's sake! But other events benefited from the lack of glitz at the Beverly Hilton.

Over at the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel, the annual Diamond Information Center/InStyle luncheon attracted the likes of Sharon Stone in a skin-tight leopard print Cavalli cocktail dress and matching sky-high heels. This outfit did not say, "I'm just here to browse and have a bit of sushi, pay me no mind." Debra Messing was way over the top in a chic black satin party gown and a Stella McCartney bow-shaped diamond ring. Anna Friel arrived in a barebacked Reem Acra get-up with a red sash and nighttime diamonds. All the other women were similarly "got up." I have a feeling these were the unused Golden Globe clothes. No woman wants to let a designer gown go totally to waste!

P.S. on Sharon Stone. She is about to sign a deal to direct her first film. As yet untitled, Sharon pitched the idea to studio execs all on her own. She presented every aspect of the movie - even the soundtrack - in her famously intense, passionate manner. She'd barely finished talking when the suits said, "Best pitch we've ever seen. You've got your movie!"

Back on the raunch

Will it shock any of you to learn that Quentin Tarantino, the master auteur of arty shock and sleaze, is hot to remake the 1965 Russ Meyer campy soft-porn classic Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (Three tough busty chicks travel through the desert, stirring up trouble and testosterone along the way.)

Tarantino wants his version to be even raunchier, natch. His first casting choices are Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes and - oh, please! - Britney Spears. What, no Lindsay Lohan? Lindsay loves '60s cult-trash. She wants to remake Ann-Margret's Kitten with a Whip. Lindsay could become Quentin's new muse. Look what he did for Uma Thurman.

Deaths at an early age

It really is kind of creepy, the similarities in the deaths of Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe - they both died at the same age - 36, and in August, and on a weekend. And the conspiracy theories that swirl around these immortal blondes are quite similar, too. If you want to believe such things, and it seems a majority of people want to, Marilyn and Di were knocked off by powerful families - the Kennedys of Massachusetts and Britain's royal Windsors - because they "knew too much," or were "too much trouble." (They were "inconvenient women" as Dominick Dunne would say.)

Diana's undoing came in the form of lax security and a drunken driver, both courtesy of the Al-Fayed family. Monroe, I believe, had a sudden pitch into depression and, on one especially bad night, overdosed.

As silly as the Byzantine murder theories are, let's face it - they burnish the legends. In life, both women preferred to present themselves as victims, though they were actually rather tough cookies who navigated their own destinies - sometimes ruthlessly. They fought being stereotyped, and the powers that controlled and tried to shape them.

In death, they are characterized/caricatured as helpless pawns, and neither would like that one bit!

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