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TODAY WE BEGIN A NEW FEATURE ON this page. Throughout the week, we'll reprint a selection of the more interesting comments concerning our editorials, as posted on baltimoresun.com. Most are excerpted; some have been edited for clarity.

For instance, yesterday we criticized a proposal to allow people to carry loaded guns in national parks.

The typical anti gun phrases are getting so tired, such as "gun toting" and "packing heat," wrote rpcmig of Bel Air.

You must view this issue from experiences out West, where BLM land and NPS land meet with unmarked boundaries, wrote MDR of Forest Hill, referring to the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service. Many states have regulations prohibiting the carrying of a loaded weapon in the passenger compartment of a vehicle. But these are STATE laws, not Federal. From a Constitutional perspective, it makes a difference.

Peace Warrior of Jacksonville, Fla., wrote: The writer wants everyone to be protected from violent criminals while visiting and or camping in the national parks and wildlife refuges around this country. I think we all agree and desire what the writer wants; however, if a violent criminal decides to attack you while in a park or refuge, and this same violent criminal waits to do so until a ranger was not close enough to help, and your cell phone had no reception, what would you do, or use, to protect yourself and or your family members?

Alas, if you were allowed to carry a LOADED firearm while in the parks and refuges, you would have at least minimal, if not equal or an adequate, means to protect yourself, and other family members, against the "nation's violent society."

On the other hand, you could hope that this "nation's violent society" would also abide by the law restricting weapons and or firearms from being loaded.

We also wrote about Baltimore's attempt to secure more state funds for buprenorphine, a drug used to help heroin addicts kick their habit.

It would be interesting to see how many physicians in private practice include counseling and/or participation in 12 step recovery groups as an adjunct to prescribing buprenorphine to the opiate addict who is seeking help and as recommended by the manufacturer, wrote Robert L Kinneberg of Bel Air.

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