Dungy's options tough call

The Baltimore Sun

It has become an annual ritual for Tony Dungy to contemplate retirement as the Indianapolis Colts' coach once the team's season ends.

While the mere mention of the name Irsay raises predictable ire in Baltimore, the lengths to which owner Jim Irsay is willing to go to keep Dungy and yet allow the coach to spend more time away from the team and with his family are admirable.

Dungy's soul-searching is understandable. The difficult balancing act between work and family is something many people can identify with, regardless of what they do for a living. In Dungy's case, he has the resources to at least remove financial considerations from the equation. But he also has the enormous responsibilities and pressures of an organization that counts on him to be there.

Most who know Dungy's story root for him and want him to do what's in his best interests and that of his family. But should he leave pro football, a sport in which there's often little use for the qualities of the better side of human nature, Dungy's sense of decency, humanity and humility would be sorely missed.

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